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Study in INDIA

  • EDU-Consultancy enroll you in an Indian college/university on your subject choice.
  • Our neighbor country India is one of the best study destinations, where Nepalese students do not need visa.
  • Our team of Indian Education specialists and education consultants are committed to provide the authentic guidance, support, and supervision to the younger generation of students regarding the admission in lndian Universities/Colleges. We strictly follow a stepwise approach or analysis, whenever a student contacts us for study in India assistance.
  • The country has much more to offer students apart from dazzling cultures to natural beauty to diverse history.
  • You can get world class education in different subjects in India by paying fewer amounts of fee and without any burden of visa processing.
  • Thousands of students from Nepal enrolling every year in different parts of India to fulfill their dream of quality education.
  • Nepal and India have same culture and religion in many cases.
  • India is a secular country, which means no single religion is favored and all are treated with respect and dignity. One can practice and preach his/ her religion without any fear of suppression.
  • India’s recent robust economic growth has attracted many foreign companies to start in business, which ultimately created a huge demand for employment.
  • Qualified Nepalese graduates can be easily consumed in the vast Indian market as well as the global market.

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